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Overthinking Makes Fear Feel More Realistic Than Hope

Under the Clouds of Misfits By Marielle Lanto That's what happened when we lose confidence in ourselves after a series of failures . We overthink. Nights feel longer to maintain a good sleep. Days feel shorter to start a new beginning. Trying new things becomes our biggest fear. In our own reality, we tend to assume that the worst will always happen every time we choose to be brave. You don't always need to win to authenticate your worth. Your defeat will bring the best out of you, and it's going to be your edge to win your next battle. Your courage is enough to stay proud of yourself.   You don't always need to prove yourself. Appreciation from other people is not something we can pay for. Let them remain honest about what they see and feel. It's our job to accept and take to our advantage anything they'll throw at us. You don't always need to protect yourself from rejections. Explore and discover! Don't stop until you find your happiness. Life is t

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