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Do We Really Need to Change Something Every New Year?

I had a new year conversation with him and he asked me about my New Year’s resolution. I told him I honestly don’t have anything in mind. He got a bit nettled because he presumed I either wasn’t in the mood to spend time talking with him or I was hiding something. But really, it’s been many years since I stopped thinking and, probably, believing in new year’s resolution for some reason.  On a personal note, change is something sacred to me. Change, for me, takes a long-term process to decide. It’s not something that can be casually listed in just an hour or two over a sky of colorful fireworks. It pre-requires adequate self-reflection to locate exactly where we need some upgrade or refinement.  But just like most of you. I once believed in the magic of new year fresh starts. There also came some time I got super excited to come up with a list of changes I wanted to implement to myself for the new year. But the real deal was keeping up with the commitment, which unfortunately, became

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