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Your Frustrations Today Are Sweet Seeds That Will Bloom Tomorrow

Art Work By Marielle Lanto You’re frustrated not because you’re not good enough, but perhaps because you’re pushing yourself towards the wrong path. You’re investing time and exerting much effort for something that’s not really meant for you.  You’re frustrated not because you’re a failure, but perhaps because you’re measuring your success based on the achievement of other people. Always remember that the most accurate measurement for your accomplishment is based on self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment. It’s not by other people to decide.  You’re frustrated not because you’re incapable of doing great things, but perhaps because you just can’t wait. Try to calm yourself by thinking that each person has their own timeline . It may take a while before your success arrives, but it doesn’t mean that it will not come at all. If it feels slow, maybe you’re just having a hard time believing and trusting yourself that you can make it.  You’re frustrated not because you’re worthless, but per

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