How Can I Make Myself Better Each Day?

The Jaime Times How Can I Make Myself Better Each Day?

Before anything else, you should definitely have the eagerness, inspiration, and courage to wake up every day, ready to face another battle, and willing to grab new opportunities and see life to a better outlook. 

Let me tell you this. If you have that eagerness, inspiration, and courage to wake up every morning, you should be grateful enough. Not everybody has that. I mean, you’re one of the lucky few who has that strong will to move forward regardless of weakening challenges you’ve been through and discouragements you’ve frustratingly fought on. You’re still here and prepared to overcome some more. That will should be an inspiration for all of us because this thing is something that’s really hard to obtain and sustain. It’s a blessing from up above. You’re so blessed. 

With that being said, I can confidently say that if you’re sitting at that point, you’ve finally discovered the purpose you want to pursue in life. And so, congratulations. That purpose is really precious because it supplies you with the motivation to keep on every day. It also regenerates your courage and strengthens your eagerness to achieve something every day. And for me, that’s enough to keep yourself alive and kicking. 

But of course, while you’re on the road, you will surely find somewhere that something is not enough and needs some attention. Perhaps, an experience or a mistake or a success will make you somewhat realize that there’s something you need to improve within yourself. Believe me, you will arrive at that point and will push you to ask yourself “What can I do more” or “How can I make myself better each day.”

I can’t tell you what exactly you need to work on to be able to make yourself a better person because we are all living a different life. But I think, I can help you figure it out yourself with these simple and easy steps. 

Gratitude. Make it a habit to thank God for all the blessings He has given you, whether it’s a material thing, an emotional relief, or spiritual enlightenment. Every night, try to look back and check how your day goes. Think of all the beautiful things that happened to you in those days. And simply say, “Thank you, Lord.” You can also thank someone, online or personally, if you need to. You know what, apart from it’s really nice, it will also help you gain positivity and preserve overwhelming motivations to do more. Thus, even if you don’t regularly notice, you’re actually making yourself a better person by persistently doing your good deeds. 

Forgive your mistakes but strive harder to learn a lesson from it. The primary reason why we commit mistakes is that, we’re trying to do something new or something out of a normal day. So be proud you have the courage to take the wheel. But aside from whole-heartedly acknowledging your mistakes, it’s also your responsibility to learn something from it and make things right. Don’t let an epic-fail day pass without carrying at least one relevant lesson. After you understand and accept what you did, it’s time to live with it the next time you try working out that thing again. 

Don’t live behind bars. Once in our lifetime, we all became prisoners. Prisoners of fear, frustrations, low self-esteem, etc. We all had hesitations to spread our wings and fly high. And it was hard because we couldn’t fully explore our strengths and weaknesses because something holding us back. So, you’re lucky if you’re finally able to get out of that zone and currently live the kind of life you’re always dreaming to have. For those who are currently enduring the process, I’m wishing you luck and giving my advance congratulation greetings. And for people who are still inside the cage, I know that soon enough, you’ll find a way out. Don’t rush things. You’ll be here just like us. Just trust yourself and grip tightly to your dreams. 

Simple. If you know your purpose in life, you have the reason to make yourself better every day. For whom do you this? Make them your inspiration to be the person you want to be. You’re worth it. 
Photo Credit: Peter Conlan