If They Cannot, At Least God Is There To Give Us the Assurance

The Jaime Times If They Cannot, At Least God Is There To Give Us the Assurance

I heard that a lot of people are suffering from different levels of anxiety in the last months— even until now— due to the persistent propagation of COVID-19 in our country. I realized that one thing that makes this feeling of uneasiness worse is the lack of assurance. 

Imagine, we’re already on the third month of community quarantine, but we’re still uncertain of what awaits us in the next days. Nobody knows where exactly we are heading to. How long will it take to disappear— there’s still no answer.

That’s why; most of us now are getting tired, emotionally and physically, and keep doubting ourselves if we’re going to make it till the end as our safety remains at stake. WHO said that we’re now entering a new and more dangerous phase, and yes, it’s true. People are now losing not only their basic resources, but also the reservoirs of their strength and hope that continue to dry out as days with no uplifting changes go by. 

It’s sad that even if we were (and still committedly) doing our part in the past 100 days,— we stay at home, we social distance, we eat veggies, we wear face mask— we can’t still see nor feel that we are winning this fight. And I think, together with the lack of assurance, that’s the primary root of our despair right now. I know it’s hard for all of us. The virus had already taken so much from us, including money, time, dreams, our entire life. But I still encourage you to hold on. Please grip tightly on your faith to God. 

Believe me, He’s just around us, whispering the assurance that our land and the world will be healed soon and everything will go back to normal. Turn your eyes away from the negativities happening around— inadequacy, incompetence, insufficient sense of urgency— but try to open your heart and let God in. He will save you. He will carry you when you’re down. He will walk with you until the fight is done. Talk to Him more often. Surrender your worries to Him, and you’ll be certainly fine. In this time of a health crisis, you need a stable channel of release. And the most effective is through Him.   

I can testify that praying at least 30 minutes a day is indeed a great renewable source of relief. I’ve been doing this since the first day of lockdown. And I categorically consider that this habit really helps me a lot to cope with the various impacts of the ongoing pandemic. All the strict restrictions, drastic transition, and the uncertainties led me to His grace. And I think, that’s the best part of this obstacle— to see and feel that God is there always for us to give the assurance that everything will be fine if we’re going to trust and believe His plans.

Together, we can fight COVID-19. 

Photo Credit: Johanes Plenio