I’ve Never Been Alone ‘Cause Mom Never Left Me Behind

The Jaime Times I’ve Never Been Alone ‘Cause Mom Never Left Me Behind

How can I thank you for everything if words aren’t enough to recognize all your sacrifices just to give me a kind of life I doubt I deserve? I know that I’ve never been a perfect son you’re expecting me to become, but I deeply appreciate your efforts to show me that you’ve always been proud of me, of my success, and of everything I do in life. I don’t usually say this to you in person, but today, I want to acknowledge your unconditional love for me. Happy Mother’s Day! You’re the only person who can make our house a home. 

Since the very first day I started to discern the reality of life, you’ve been there to accompany me while I head forward. You guided me when I began to go astray. You encased me inside your arms when I had to go through winter storms. You taught me to choose myself when the world unfairly took advantage of my innocence and weakness. You’ve become my titanium shield who always catch my fall and ensure my safety from all the bullets that may harm me physically and emotionally. You never fail to be the best mom in the world even if I hadn’t been thankful enough in the past few years. Thank you.

Two years ago after you left to make a living, life became different. I should’ve felt alone without you in the house, but seeing your sacrifices to go the distance and stay far from us to support my education and provide food for us, made me realize that you actually never left us behind no matter how hard this would be for you. You’re the most dauntless woman in the world, next to Wonder Woman. Thank you. 

Now that I finally reached the partial summit of your hard work, perseverance, and sacrifices, let’s make this life in favor of the dreams you deprived yourself of when you were still raising me in a very tight financial allocation. After this month-long enhanced community quarantine, we’re going to eat at your favorite restaurant in Lipa City. Together with Dada and Kyle, we will be celebrating all the special occasions we missed because of the COVID- 19 pandemic. 

I love you and keep safe. You deserve all the love.

Photo Credit: Xavier Mouton