Mariah Carey Taught Me Grammar and How to Survive Life

The Jaime Times Mariah Carey Taught Me Grammar and How to Surive Life

“There’s  a hero if you look inside your heart.” Or “You’ll always be a part of me. I’m part of you indefinitely.” What about “When you left I lost a part of me.” These lyrics that made people survived their own heartaches were originally crafted from the great mind and heart of the best female vocalist of all time, Ms. Mariah Carey. But to be honest with you, I didn’t know that it was actually her who composed and sang these songs, for years. Not until 2016 when the radio played her cover song I’ll Be There where I got mesmerized and finally asked my uncle who sang this beautiful song— then he told me, it’s Mariah. I googled who the hell was Mariah Carey and the truth slapped me! Oh my God! The internet gave me an overview of her discography and from there I saw that my all-time favorites Hero, Always Be My Baby, and We Belong Together were her biggest-selling hits in the 90s and the early 00s. I’m sorry, Mariah. I’ve been already rhapsodizing to your songs for years without realizing it was you who gave the world these greatest gifts. Poor me. 

Mariah Carey Vocabulary Prowess

This is the catch. All Mariah Carey songs [except cover songs] you hear are actually self-penned. When she develops an album, Mariah always puts herself at the top of the production of her music, especially in terms of lyrics and melody composition. And in there, she injected the greatest formula of her music which is her heart and her passion for writing.

Mariah uses the power of music to be her escape from all the sufferings she experienced in the past. From simplistic poems, she was able to combine her encouraging words with beautiful melodies and harmonies into songs that touch people’s hearts and help them get the strength to carry on. Aside from heart-melting substance, her songs also carry an outstanding deepness and pragmatics wrapped in her wide-ranging vocabulary. This made me love her more because while I listen to her albums, I also get the chance to improve my grammar and broaden my vocabulary. Have you heard the words “accentuate,” “acquiescent,” or “effervescent?” Well if not, you should now download some Mariah Carey songs like “Migrate,” “It’s A Wrap,” and “Twister” to sharpen your mind in these certain writing details.

Mariah Carey also has the ability to vividly narrate a heart-melting situation through her songs. When you glide through the lyrics of her songs, you’ll find that she has a strong grasp of details and adequate knowledge on the literary structure that give her songs an outstanding impact on whoever can hear its melody and read the lyrics. I admit I used to cry to some of her heart-breaking ballads when I feel so lonesome and hopeless. After listening to her 4-minute song? I feel relieved. 

Let’s have some: 

“They can say anything they want to say, try to bring me down. But I will not allow hanging clouds over me.”

“I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again. On my own, and I know that I’ll strong enough to mend.” 

“If you believe in yourself enough and you know what you want you can make it happen. Make it happen.” 

“Love takes time to heal when you’re hurting so much.” 


Personal Impact

I could say that at some point, Mariah Carey really became my saving grace before when I was struggling to handle the negatives of life that literally crushed me down. She gave me good answers to carry on when I was starting to question and doubt myself. Mariah made me feel at home to her music whenever I was down to my knees, hopeless and homeless. It instantly became part of my life to turn on a Mariah Carey playlist to ease the emotional pain and re-compose my-broken-self. 

So beyond her incomparable vocal ability, I fell in love with her primarily because her songs really have substances that complement what I feel and what I need. That’s Mariah for me.