My Skin Is Not Perfect, But Let Me Talk About the Magic of Celeteque

The Jaime Times My Skin Is Not Perfect, But Let Me Talk About the Magic of Celeteque

“Clear skin comes from clean skin.” That’s my forever mantra. I’ve tried a lot of skincare products from Watsons— all with the same purpose of skin cleansing— but nothing worked as much as Celeteque did. I’m not mentioning Celeteque for advertising purposes, it’s my personal will to recommend this to you because I know that you’re also looking for something that can help you maintain your skin with an average budget. 

I won’t narrate the technicals because I’m empty-minded when it comes to that matter. Let me aim the gun straight to the advantages I personally experienced when I started using this product. It was during my college years, to be specific, when I noticed that my pimples were annoyingly growing in most parts of my face. I was really frustrated at that time.

Fueled with curiosity and determination to alleviate the stress from these minor pimple breakouts, I landed on a random skincare vlog on YouTube. It was listed in my video recommendation and I didn’t know why. Perhaps because my phone felt that I badly needed that guide during that time when I was really down to my knees. The vlogger said on her video that it doesn’t take a lot to achieve radiant and clear skin. All you have to do is to maintain your skin clean. A fresh hope sparked in me. But when she started enumerating the products she’s been using, oh my! I then again felt hopeless. These were something I couldn’t afford. 

But the eagerness remained in my system. I browsed for some other related vlogs that may give some cheaper alternatives. Viola! I found one talking about Celeteque. I submissively fell for it, I really felt the connection between me and this product. I don’t know, but maybe love at first sight? 

I wanted to learn more about Celeteque. I went online and researched about its price and basic components. It’s way cheaper and hypoallergenic. Well, good for me who is looking for a mild yet effective cleansing product that unlikely to irritate my skin. Less irritation, less problem. 

I bought one facial wash and one toner, both of the smallest size. That’s the only bundle I could afford that time. Even if I shortcut the typical skincare cycle (cleanse-exfoliate-tone-moisturize), I can still safely say that the result was damn amazing. 

The Magic

Apart from it deeply cleanses my skin, the Celeteque facial wash, together with the toner, also kept my skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is the number one sign of a well-nourished and healthy complexion, adding glow and radiance to your daily appearance.  

I am not sure if it directly eliminates blemishes such as pimple marks, but it can really light up the skin texture because of its ability to prevent pimple breakouts. And since no new pimples are sprouting, your skin gets to look smoother and more radiant as skin imperfections naturally heal in time. That logic explains how a clean skin leads to a clear skin. But of course, it would really take enough commitment, patience, and consistency. These three remain the core of your dream skin. 

An Update

For three years and counting, my faith to Celeteque remains intact. I’m still prioritizing this product, especially the facial wash, in our grocery list. And no regrets. I’m more confident now with my skin. It’s not really like the Korean glass skin level, but, I think, is enough to be called pleasing and better. Thanks to Celeteque. 

Photo Credit: Caroline Hernandez