Sometimes, All You Need is Space

The Jaime Times Sometimes All You Need Is Space

Don’t deny it. Don’t fool yourself. I know that you’re tired. I know that you’re completely consumed. I know that life has already taken a lot from you. I can see it from your welling eyes that you’re being eaten up by loneliness and hopelessness. I can hear from your sighs that you already want to give up. Hold on. Stop pushing yourself too much to the limits. Take a deep breath and give yourself some rest for a while. You need it. You need some space to continue carrying on. 

It’s part of our lives to lose the motivation to move forward sometimes. Everyone experiences the same. Not all the time, we are productive. Not all the time, we have the will to work on the things that need to get done. Time will come that your knees will grow weak. Time will come that you will get suffocated. People will come in your life and will break you apart. Your friends will disappoint you. Your significant other will fail to understand. Your parents will put pressure on your head. You’ll arrive at a certain point in life that you’re going to feel your alone. You will be a prisoner of discouragement. Darkness will even feel much darker. At this point, you’ll start to ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong?” 

If it happens that you lose yourself in the tricky battle of life, hold on. Don’t consider giving up as your primary choice. Take a deep breath and push your worries away. Find some time alone because all you need is space. 

Set yourself free. Find a way out and stay unbothered for a while. Let yourself revitalize its strength while coping with the current situation where you are into. Do things that make you happy and fulfilled. Disconnect your soul from the outside world. Savor the blessing of silence. Gaze through the night sky and find the brightest star. Talk sincerely to the moon as if someone from the other side is listening. Give yourself some space to heal. 

Despite the difficult life situations, try not to forget yourself. If you’re stuck between two rigid stones, please choose what will help you escape from the tension. Choose what’s best for you. Don’t sacrifice a lot. Sometimes, you need to choose yourself to be a better person in the eyes of other people. 

Photo Credit: Aditya Saxena