Thank Yourself For Not Giving Up

The Jaime Times Thank Yourself For Not Giving Up

I’ve been to countless frustrations. I got extremely exhausted in bearing a lot of tension. My heart was left breaking for constant rejections. I felt worthless. I arrived at a certain point in my life where I lost the strength and the motivation to keep on. The bright tomorrow I’d been looking forward to suddenly darkened in my eyes, and I couldn’t see the way ahead. I found no more reason to hold onto myself as the last hope that was keeping me on sail suddenly flew away. I was standing on the edge of giving up when someone suddenly approached and held me from my back saying “Would you still stop believing in yourself and trusting your abilities even if I tell you that we never doubted your worth and skills? I know that you can do it. Please, carry on.” 
Thesis pending for the chair’s approval. Unprocessed internship papers. Last-minute output requirements, rising financial obligations— these were just some of the hardships that really challenged me last year, exactly one month before our graduation. It may seem so easy for people who are masters of multi-tasking and perseverance, but for me who had been already consumed by frustrations, exhaustion, and hopelessness, this was very hard. While we were racing against endless deadlines, the pressure got even more tightened as the college department released the official dates of deliberation and graduation. Amidst our vexation, they warned us that they couldn’t include our names on the list of candidates for graduation if our thesis hardbound hadn’t been settled within a week. Practically, one week is not enough to get the chair’s approval, especially in our case where the paper had not been sent to him even for once. This was the first time, and this should be perfect in all aspects for us to make it to graduation. 

We almost gave up. We were tired, both emotionally and physically. We knew that we did our part, but none of it seemed to be enough. We ran out of cards to gamble our fate. Either way, I was sure that we couldn’t make it. 
Demoralized, but we still decided to grab this one last chance. I told my thesis mates that we will carry on, and we will give our best no matter what awaits us in the end. We started working on the first day of the week-long time-bomb. As far as I can remember, we were fully awake for at least 48 hours just to fix the errors in the last chapter of the paper, create a 32-page magazine, shoot and edit a promotional video, and publish a free-site WordPress with 10 articles. In the next days, we rushed back and forth to the main campus to submit our paper to the chair and other panelists. Guess what, after dealing with hopelessness, financial struggles, and sleepless nights, our paper was accepted for approval. We didn’t know what happen, but the chair signed our thesis after two days. We were so happy but surprised because we never expected any of these will happen. 
In the end, we were able to graduate on time. The other groups also made it with us, but there were some who did not. And the common denominator of the latter? They chose to give up in the middle of the fight. 
Life is a landmass of uncertainties. No one is sure about everything. Even if the relative variables show some signs of a definite conclusion, something can still intervene and alter your expectations. So in any battle in life, giving up is not always the best option. Whatever it takes, you have to go on and see what’s going to happen. Who knows, there may be a rainbow waiting for you in the end. 
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