The Hardest Truth I Had to Accept to Make Myself Stronger

The Jaime Times The Hardest Truth I Had to Accept to Make Myself Stronger

Truth hurts. Yes, it really is. But trying to push this out of the picture will only pain you more in the end. I know that sometimes, it’s hard to be honest to yourself and to your feelings, but if you really wish to set yourself free, you have to do it.

I chose to be in denial of a lot of things for a long time. I often threw myself to silence so nobody can touch and judge me. It actually felt normal even if I knew that I was hiding something beneath my skin. But I noticed that as I went along, the truth within me grew so eager to find a way out. I tried to suppress and take control, but it continued to haunt me in my sleep and linger from here and there. I still tried to hold back with all the remaining strength I have, but it only pushed me towards a lonely and small space, stealing my freedom to breathe and to live a peaceful life.

No matter how much I exerted effort, my actions, words, and decisions won’t coordinate so well. So in the end, I conceded. I peeled off the mask I’ve been wearing for a long time. I deserted the shadow that was covering me all the time. I stood firm before the things I was afraid of, telling them: “This is me. I’m finally being myself. Judge me. Bring me down. But I’m setting myself free.”


After many years, I was able to choose myself. I was able to choose happiness. It gave me a new view in life that, I think, made me not the strongest person, but sturdy enough to conquer the fear that caged me in for a long time. I learned that heart-deep acceptance of the truth we are hiding within ourselves is the key to enjoy the depths of life. There may be certain decisions and sacrifices to invest, but, believe me, it’s going to be worth it. There’s nothing more fulfilling than setting yourself free. 

Just like the old school quote, “The truth will set you free.”

Here are the things I discovered: 

  1. Time is running. Take risks. 

  2. See failures as new opportunities for great beginnings, not an end of the road.

  3. Thank all the people who constantly remind you to take care of yourself. These are some of the few who really appreciate your existence. Most people out there aren’t actually concern about you, but they are just up for the things you can give them. 

  4. If life forces you to choose between pain or gain, choose pain. Things obtained from easy way often fade so easily.

  5. Make other people happy. But make yourself happier.

Final Remarks

A mask molded with false pretense and hesitation will never make you look beautiful. So why you have to put in on? Don’t wear this false face to make other people please you. Don’t live in a masquerade to make other people love you. You have value. And what you deserve is a genuine appreciation for being the person who you really want to be. Trust me.

WARNING: But I am encouraging you all to wear a face mask when you’re out of your house. Keep safe. 

Photo Credit: Jack Finnigan