There Are Times You Need to Say “No”

The Jaime Times There Are Times You Need to Say “No”

Life is a matter of choice. Every day, we have to choose and make several decisions for ourselves and for the people we love. We have to juggle in various life situations and scenarios to come up with sound judgments. Commonly, we are torn to life questions asking us to choose between yes or no. And in most cases, we are always going to say yes. 

Yes, even if it hurts us deep down inside. Yes, even if it weakens our bones and brings us down to our knees. Yes, even if it’s apparently unfair and taking advantage of our kindness and selflessness. Yes, even if it’s stealing your happiness and peace of mind. Yes, even if it leads you to the wrong way. Yes, even if it costs your freedom to do the things you want to do. Yes, even if in exchange, you have to sacrifice your dreams. Yes… Yes… Yes, regrets always appear in the end. 

Try to scout for other possibilities. For sure, life has a lot more to offer to make you feel better. Don’t fall for something so easily. Think twice before you give in. One wrong decision may entirely ruin your life and haunt you in your dreams every night. 

Say no if other people or certain situations are forcing you to say yes. Say no to a decision that will only bring you fear and anxiety. Say no simply if you don’t feel motivated to do it yourself. Say no if it doesn’t show who you really are. Say no if it consumes you, but it doesn’t seem to give you a chance to improve yourself. Say no if you’re instinct is telling you that you’d be in danger. Say no if your parents told you so. Say no to say yes for yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to refuse some things in life. Sometimes, saying no is the only way to save your life and direct you to a better tomorrow. 

Photo Credit: Hanna Postova