Time is Gold: The Best Lesson I’ve Learned So Far

The Jaime Times Time is Gold: The Best Lesson I’ve Learned So Far

Time is gold. I’ve heard of this classic quote a thousand times already since elementary. I won’t also deny that this was also my favorite answer back then whenever my classmates ambushed me with their slam books, and I had to fill out the “favorite motto” section. Why not? I believe, all of us considered this as the most supreme saying during our juvenile years because it only contains three words— easy to write and unforgettable— perfect for our simplistic young minds. Generally, this quote is often associated with the students or pupils or employees who used to arrive at their destination so late, missing a lot of activities in a program or daily operation because they don’t get there on time. “Time is gold,” that is exactly what you’re going to hear if you, intentionally or unintentionally, miss something important because you’re late. But as we continue enduring the third month of community quarantine in our homes, I have realized something from this quote. I think, this three-word saying is speaking some more thoughts apart from what we already knew. Yes, this may be simple, plain, and colorless, but as I dig deeper into its inner skeleton, I found a special gem that nearly completed half of the missing piece in my life. I came to realize that gripping tightly to this quote in the past years is the best lesson I learned so far in my life. If I ignore this, I won’t be here where I am in right now. 

Time is gold has been a subject for jokes. If you’re going to hear this from a contestant in a beauty pageant, I’m sure of the assumption that you’re going to laugh. Yes, it really sounds childish and funny. For many people, this is very shallow and there’s no essential lesson you can extract from it other than don’t be late at work or school. Right? Adding more fuel is its repetitive popularity, generation after generation. So hearing this quote more than a thousand times will really meltdown its very spirit. But while most people turn their eyes away from this scrap, I found its deeper meaning that these people often overlook. Out of the blue sea, I realized that “time is gold” is indeed powerful and life-changing. And I do believe that just like me, successful people we know today have definitely seen the frequently-ignored essence of this quote and applied it in their own lives and endeavor. Hence, if you’re dreaming to be successful later in your life, you should include this saying as one of your primary philosophies. Start reflecting that aside from knowledge and skills, another strict requirement to gain success in life and make all of our dreams come true is time. So it’s really going to be helpful if you would always remember that “time is precious,” “time is limited,” “Life’s too short to hesitate,” “You only live once,” and many others. Do you now see the picture I’m talking about? 

Time is Gold Means Time Flies So Fast

Every day passing in our lives is precious. They are like leaves in our notebook incessantly flipping on and on. If we let one leaf passes without stains of our hard work, it’s really a big loss, believe me.  

The leaves I’m talking about symbolizing “time.” Just like your notebook, these leaves are limited and later on, you will surely run out of it. Same thing goes with the time that’s why; it was dubbed as gold and precious because you will not have it forever or anytime you would want. It flies lightyears fast and when it passes your orbit, you will no longer have it at all. So just like the successful and great people out there, we must also be able to use all the time and chances we have now very wisely before we run out of it. 

I believe that each one of us is given our own moment to shine within a limited span of time. So when God aims the spotlight at us, make the most out of it. Don’t hesitate to make a move for your life-long dreams. Always keep in mind that “Time is gold.” The right time to live your dream to reality is not tomorrow, not next week, but today. 

I hope, “time is gold” becomes a reminder for all of us that life is too precious to be taken for granted. Make your “everyday” an unforgettable day always, especially in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, where lives are taken and dreams are stolen. Don’t hesitate to move, but don’t also rush things. Take it slowly. But make sure that you’ve already gunned up the engine. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Gades