To the Very First Person Who Told Me, I'm the Best

The Jaime Times To the Very First Person Who Told Me, I'm the Best

He has his own life.

But he willingly dedicated

The most of it

In keeping us alive. 

He has his own dreams. 

But he whole-heartedly set these aside

To give us the best of life. 

He’s sometimes afraid, I know. 

But he still bravely leads the way

Catching our downfalls and 

Enduring all its consequences. 

He always sees me crying

On my failures.

But he never ceases to assure me

That I’m still the best, and he’s proud.

Now, he’s tired and growing old.

But he’s still defying age

To carry the cross

For me and for my mom. 

Thank you for all of these, dad. 

I know that you will never stop

Sharing your life with us.

But someday, I want to see you

Choosing yourself and

Choosing your dreams. 

Doing all the things you sacrificed not to pursue. 

I think it’s now my turn

To make you feel you’re the greatest

Father in the world. 

Personal Note

After this health crisis, we’re going to celebrate, full blast. Can’t wait for that day. Happy Father’s Day!

Photo Credit: Seif Khayat