Top 3 Striking Mariah Carey Lyrics Telling That Love Is Not An Easy Game to Play

The Jaime Times Top 3 Striking Mariah Carey Lyrics Telling That Love Is Not An Easy Game to Play

Before you pursue or entertain someone, it’s important that you understand the true nature and purpose of love. If your chief reason why you’re taking someone’s time is just to play around, you’re not worthy of receiving the long-lasting gifts of love— commitment and memories. Love is not all about candy-sweet Instagram feed or sexual drive. Love is certainly far more than that. So if you’re not planning to stay around someone in health or sickness, in pain or in gain, don’t ever start a spark. You’ll only end up hurting someone who laid down their time, effort, and their all on the table without receiving the same thing they deserve from you. 
Love is no joke. Love requires commitment. Time is the primary investment. And loyalty is the only fuel that can gun up the engine. But these things are something that most relationships out there don’t have. That’s why; most relationships cannot withstand the test of time. Naturally happy people end up crying. Lovely human beings begin to hate the world. The colorful and festive life becomes a dark black hole in the eyes of broken-hearted mankind. 
So before you enter a relationship, it’s important to fully understand where you are going to. It’s not an open space where you can easily get out once you feel that going forward is no longer worthy of your time and interest. Be still in your decision. Make sure that you will not get hurt. And of course, don’t let someone suffer because of you. 
I know it’s really difficult to understand the universe of love. But thanks to Mariah Carey for crafting tons of songs that will not only soothe your ears but will also make you realize a lot of things about being in a relationship. I can guarantee that through her out-of-this-world vocal abilities and amazing craftsmanship, I learned how to value a relationship. Lingering to the beautiful lyrics she wrote gave me an astounding outlook towards love. 
Do you want to try some? Well, I listed below the most heart-melting and tear-jerking Mariah Carey lyrics to help you understand why you should never play around in a relationship. 
“When you love someone so deeply, they become your life."
Listen to Butterfly
This is the main reason why break-ups really hurt so much. So if you’re just looking for a game to play, being in a relationship would not be an absolute choice for you. 
“And I’m going to extreme to prove I’m fine without you. But in reality I’m slowly losing my mind.”
Listen to Breakdown
Moving on is not as easy as you think. So never ever drive someone into this kind of situation. Don’t push a relationship with someone if you know to yourself that you’re not yet ready to invest time and long-term commitment. 
“It isn’t right to stay together if you only bring each other pain.”
This is a piece of advice for everyone out there who stays in a relationship that is toxic and unhealthy. Please, let go. Enduring forever is not what you deserve. I can assure you that there’s a better life out there. And that’s what you deserve. 
Now, do you mind sleeping in Mariah Carey’s sweet voice and melt away in her eye-opening words? Well, it’s good to go. Whenever you need some enlightenment about love and relationship, Mariah and her songs are there for you. Check out this playlist to start with.
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