We’re Free, We Should Forever Be

The Jaime Times We’re Free, We Should Forever Be

Salute to our dauntless heroes who offered their own lives to bring us where we are now. Thank you for blanketing the entire country in the spirit of independence, liberty, and freedom. Every Filipino today relishes this hard-earned democracy, giving us all a kind of life where nothing and nobody bars us from doing whatever we want to do and being whoever we want to be as long as we don’t breach the constitution and the morale and ethics accepted here in the Philippines. 

Considering our own perspectives and beliefs, we’re allowed to go along with the current or we can go against it. We’re always given options to choose from. We can say yes or we can stand with a no. We have the sole control of our lives. We can set our own yacht on a sail. We’re living as free as the birds flying above the clouds. And it’s all because we are sovereign Filipino people. 

Freedom may probably just an imaginary thing, but I want to tell you that it’s an avenue that leads us to genuine happiness we are always dreaming of. Without this, we can’t certainly pursue something in life. And without this, the Philippines won’t be as it is right now. Freedom is the backbone of our country that keeps each and every one of us alive and breathing. Hence, we must uphold the principle of democracy as prominently stated in the laws of our land. Our heroes paid with their own blood just to get every Filipino a place they can call home. And as the beneficiary, we must preserve it at all costs. 

It’s our duty to maintain the phrase “Happy Independence Day, Philippines” coherent and applicable to the current situation here in our country. We’re free, we should always be.

Photo Credit: Becca Tapert