What is the Real Meaning of Success in Life?

No pain, no gain.” There is a success because there are challenges because there are struggles. We’re able to define “success” and categorize our personal achievements because of our first-hand experience in fighting against these hampers that barring us to be in particular life disposition. If God didn’t place us in various trying times to exhaust our perseverance and will to keep on, we won’t ever bother to think about the word “success.” Again, no pain, no gain. 

Since success is highly coordinated with obstacles, we can’t assign a definite meaning for it. We have our own battles. We have our own weapons to counter it. We have our own level of strengths and vulnerabilities. We have different goals to pursue. We have different paths to take.

That’s why I’m sad that some people use others’ achievements as the standards for their own success. If they fail to achieve the same array of accomplishments, they would instantly think that they are a failure, disregarding other positive outcomes of their hard work, determination, and perseverance. That’s sad.

Now, I want to keep this blog brief. I just want to assure everyone that you’re all worth it. You’re not a failure. 

In determining your own success, you have to look within yourself. You don’t need social validation just to prove to other people that you’re successful in your own way. Because in the first place, it’s not your obligation to prove it. 

So let’s take it this way. Success is happiness. Success is contentment. If you’re happy and contented with the things you achieved, you’re successful. As simple as that. If— according to your self-assessment— you’ve finally attained all your goals in life and you’re no longer seeking some more things after long years of effort and endurance, that’s a fruit of success. 

But just a fair warning, attaining genuine happiness and wholesome contentment is really a long-term process. So good luck. One signal perhaps that you’re halfway there is when you’re starting to brush off your insecurities and becoming more appreciative of the simple things happening in your life.

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Photo Credit: Aziz Acharki