When It Rains

The droplets are viciously pouring down. They’re like tears from your welling eyes that continue to rush in no matter how hard you try to hold them back. Thunders are roaring above. A rumbling series of lightning enlightens the clouds in the sky. Sounds everywhere are becoming louder and stronger. I don’t know how, but in the middle of this catastrophe, I’ve found peace and calmness within myself.    

Our overlooking window serves as my throne. It moistens as temperature cascades and begins to converge with the raindrops. The visibility from my view is clouded. I can’t clearly see what’s happening outside— enough to give me an interim escape from the cruel reality. 

I can feel the agonizing weather outside, but this glass window isolates me from the actual storm. Together with a hot cup of coffee, sitting before this calming panorama provides me a stable peace of mind to set myself free and forget about my worries for a while.


An empty mind recharges my morale. A heart free of frets revives my soul. They are all correlated with peace and silence. 

Therefore, I am always longing for the rain to shower down whenever the sun is summer high. I’m always lost in solidarity when nimbus clouds that carry the rainwater are nowhere to be found. So when it rains, I completely surrender myself to its cold embrace. I’m totally caving into its gloomy blanket. 

Fixing my heavily-devastated self with the heavenly tranquility it brings. I really wish that sky will always cry when I need a channel of release. Please.

(This is Deep Talk. This section will serve as my personal diary. A channel for release, housing my thoughts and my moods. I know it’s deep, but I still hope you understand the gist. This is the only way I know to maintain my peace of mind and withstand the test of life.)

Photo Credit: Gabriel Diwald