When to Endure and When to Let Go?

The Jaime Times When to Endure and When to Let Go?

Can you still remember writing the classic quote “Love is blind?” on elementary slambook, together with “blue” as your favorite color and “Kaye” as your secret crush? Well, that undying saying— though completely unfathomable to you during that time— had certainly saved you many times during those days when that piece of childish memory book was still at the peak of the trend. But do you notice that even today that you’re already grown-up and starting to have real-life relationships with someone, this piece of quote still reverberates in your mind when you keep trying to understand a tough situation in your relationship? It becomes your scapegoat when your friends keep telling you that it’s no longer right to stay in a relationship that feeds you nothing but pain and worries. “Love is blind.” 

Submerging too much into the pool of love can lose our grasp to the reality of life. The main defenses that protect us from getting hurt fade down while we overwhelm ourselves to sweetness and romance. We tend to bring our guards down and take whatever comes along our way, whether it’s good or bad. Subconsciously, our overflowing emotions take reign and submit ourselves to a situation we don’t even deserve. But since we’re under the influence of love and commitment, we can’t help ourselves but go to the path we thought is right. Again, “Love is blind.” 

When to Endure?

Even if he couldn’t afford to bring you to a five-star restaurant for a luxurious date, he always remembers all the occasions that are special for you. Even if you’re geographically apart from each other, he never misses to update you about how he’s going once in every while. If there are times he couldn’t please your favor, he feeds you with explanation and not with excuses. He considers the significance of stable communication in strengthening your relationship. And most importantly, he knows how to appreciate all the simple things you do just to make him smile and feel better. If he stays by your side and remains faithful to your love no matter how hard the situation is, I’m telling you that this person is absolutely for “keep.”


When to Let Go?

When he seems uninterested in all the plans you laid on the table. When he always tends to transform all the small misunderstanding into a huge love quarrel that lasts for more than a day. He barely updates you on what he’s up to unless you send him a message and ask how’s life going on his end. When he’s no longer excited to see you and always insists to go home early during your dates. When you can’t both come up with a solid idea in solving various matters. When you often breakdown and cry rather than laugh and smile. When you begin to share a simple thing that happened to you, he turns his ears away or he pretends he’s listening to your story. When these things keep on repeating, it’s no longer worthy to stay in this type of set-up. Please, let go. Save yourself. Love yourself. 

Don’t Hold Back

Endure— if the current situation makes your relationship stronger. If both of you are getting closer to each other. Let go— if the current situation makes your relationship weaker. If it brings you apart from each other. 

In a relationship, you’re both meant to share your life together. Learn to appreciate. Learn to give back. I think, “give and take” is way better than “love is blind.” Right?  

Photo Credit: Pana Kutlumpasis