You’re Broken Hearted Today Because You Deserve Someone Better Tomorrow

Grieve until you feel better, and we will not judge your way of relieving and reviving yourself. Grab some bottles of beer and drink him out of your mind. Cry and let your tears wash your soul. Forget about the bad memories for a while. Try to take a step forward if you can. Stay still if you can’t. But remember this. You’re hurting today because it’s God’s effective way to tell you that you don’t need to settle for less. He wants to assure you that someone better is coming to rescue you and give you the kind of life you really deserve. Trust his plans. 

Stay as you are. You don’t have to change your entire self just because someone broke up with you. Somewhere on the other side, there’s a person who will appreciate your beauty and forgive your flaws. Someone will wholeheartedly accept the real you. 

You’re not worthless. God made you to be one-of-a-kind. And someone who can see it through will make you feel that way. So no need to force yourself to fit into other people’s standards. There’s at least one special person on earth who will genuinely validate your worth and your purpose of living. Believe me. 

If you’ve been trapped in a relationship that brought you nothing but tears and grief, I want to tell you that beyond those bars, there’s a paradise waiting for you ahead. You’re a precious princess in someone else’s eyes. So don’t dare to settle for less. After you gain the courage to move forward, leave your past behind, and start a new tomorrow with the person who truly loves you.


Photo Credit: Etienne