8 Reminders When Struggling to Trust People Again

The Jaime Times 8 Reminders When Struggling to Trust People Again

It's alright to set a distance from anything that has the possibility to leave you broken again. I understand if you're guarding your heart so well because I know that it literally took you years before you've finally escaped from that painful past that immensely crashed down your world before. 

But in exchange for your stronger persona, I saw that you’re now struggling a lot to trust people, even those who are dearest to you. I can see in your subtle actions that you no longer have the complete interest to entertain people even when they’re just trying to reach out to you. 

I’m happy for what you've become after going through a deleterious event in your life. However, something is too much. Something is crossing the line. I don’t know what exactly it is, but I have some friendly reminders for you that can surely help you find it out:

  1. You can actually secure your heart even without closing all your doors. 

  2. Not everyone who comes your way will hurt you.

  3. You can't love if you can't trust. 

  4. Resisting to trust anyone is like deciding to live alone. 

  5. Taking risks is the main gate towards better decisions. 

  6. Chances to be happy in life are very limited. Most of them require trust. 

  7. If you would try to trust people again, you'll certainly meet some with pure and good intentions. 

  8. Turning so many people down also means you're losing a lot of wonderful adventures and opportunities. 


Take the process at a slow pace. You don't have to force yourself if you know to your heart that you're not ready yet. But make a promise that someday, you will trust again. That someday, you'll completely set yourself free from anything that is holding you back. That someday, you’ll be happy without comparing your present life from your past experiences. That someday, you’ll let someone in and make beautiful memories together. Just like other people, just like me, you also deserve to enjoy the beauty of life.     

Photo Credit: Brannon Naito