Bag Raid! Things I Can’t Leave Home Without

The Jaime Times Bag Raid! Things I Can’t Leave Home Without

My default on-the-go look? Expect to see me outside carrying either a brown backpack or a leather string bag. Thanks, by the way, to a special person who gave me that ‘now a fading brown bag.’ I’m still using it till now and confidently flaunting it in my everyday business. For now, I don’t have plans to replace it with a new nor authentic one because this bag reminds me of a very beautiful memory. That’s how we normally take priceless things, people, and moments, right? If something or someone is dear to us, they have a special room in our hearts. Regardless of their flaws or impurities, they’ll remain irreplaceable in our eyes. So we don’t easily let them go. 

But honestly, I’m not really into bags. As long as it can hold my things in place, I’ll go for it. I remember one sem in college, I used a backpack which was literally a ‘stabilo highlighter’ in color. It was a screaming neon green that’s why; they were calling me ‘Puregold’ every time my bag and I owned the hallway like nobody’s business. Nonetheless, this glow-in-the-classroom-dark bag still ranked second of my most-used carriers in college because of its comfortably huge storage features. I can conveniently fit everything inside without it bulking too much on the outside. That’s all we want, isn’t it? 

Enough for bag features. Now, let’s talk about the essentials I usually bring on a daily basis to see why I love and I need bags with generous space.   

Remember that I’m. narrating things in a pre-pandemic tone. I’ve been living a ‘bagless’ life since the second week of March, when the country was first put into lockdown, simply because I’m stuck at home and completely it’s nonsense to carry bags at all.

Here is my personal list of must-bring essentials:

Our Daily Bread (Pocket Version)

Since college, it’s been my wont to bring this small biblical book with me wherever I go, especially if I would have to commute. Reading a devotion piece for a particular day becomes my salient starter pack. I don’t know, but every time I’m doing this in the morning, my mind gets instantly replenished and I suddenly feel unoccupied. It really provides me a good source of strength and motivation to wrestle with a brand new day I’m about to face. I usually get into it while I’m riding the jeepney to work. 



If I’m not mistaken, I have at least five rosaries in my bag that I always bring in my daily adventure for the sense of spiritual security. Many rosaries? Well, I just love to buy one from churches I visit in other places as souvenirs. Actually, I wasn’t regularly praying the rosary before. But this COVID-19 pandemic turned me to someone who couldn’t let the day pass by without reciting Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be in hallowed silence. Praying the rosary really helped me a lot when I was struggling so hard with anxiety and fear in the first month of lockdown. It washed away most of my worries and taught me to have more faith in God’s plans for us.

Journal and Pens

Wherever we go or whatever we are doing in a particular moment, we can’t stop our minds from thinking. Different ideas and memories shoot from here and there while we’re awake. Hence, it’s really a big must for me to bring a piece of notebook and at least a black pen everyday. I always have this black journal freebie from NLEX basketball team and a violet Faber Castell with me where I usually write my daily agenda, striking quotes I’ve read from somewhere, a concept for my next blog, and many other things. At night before I go to sleep, I skim this journal a little to appraise how my day goes. 

Adulting Essentials

I have a green pouch that contains different oils, menthol rub, and candies. Believe me. When you start working, you’ll definitely appreciate these essentials so much. Because apart from stress and pressure, you also have to deal with constant back pain, excessive aircon exposure, stiff neck, and sudden headaches. I bet, most working adults out there also have their own pouch like this. Please, don’t deny it. We’re all in this together. 


You read it right. Wallets. I’m proud to say that I bring two different wallets everyday. There is one I called ‘Wallet of the Day’ and the other one is ‘Budget Wallet.’ Apparently, the former contains my allocated budget for a day. Budget wallet, on the one hand, holds the money I’m going to spend for either the whole week or until the next cut off. Putting my money in two different wallets is the only way I see to limit my spendings and make wiser money decisions. In this way, I can minimize my unplanned expenditures and help myself save money from my earnings.

Skin Maintenance

If not ‘Kikay’ kit, at least we have a few skincare products inside our bags to maintain and retouch our face while we are outside our homes. On a daily basis, I always make sure that before I step out of our house, I have a refilled Bench Magic Powder, Sanicare Wet Wipes, Kleenex Facial Tissue, Colorless Nivea Lip Balm, and oil controller which I forgot the brand. I think, these things are more than enough already to keep my face in good shade. Of course, I have a small pouch for them, don’t worry. 


Cards and IDs

You’ll never know when you’re going to need them so better be sure. Thus, one thing you will always find inside my bag is this orange travel organizer. This is where I keep my government IDs, flash drive, a small planner, and ballpen. On the other hand, I have a seperate holder for my cards to protect them from possible dents and damages. Keep in mind that they have sensitive sensors over them. By the way, don’t also forget your SM Advantage card. 


No need for in-depth explanation. Just always bring an umbrella with you. Trust me. I’m talking based on my experience. 

Have You Checked Your Bag

Make sure you don’t miss something before you walk out the doors. It’s going to stress you out in the end. I’ve been to such moments in the past and I don’t want to go back again because it really ruined my day. Check your bag now and put everything you need inside. It won’t take a lot of your time. Do this every night before you go to sleep. Trust me, rearranging your bag is also a good stress-reliever. 

(I know that you’re fond of artsy and hand-made accessories. Why not check Tia Boreza for some ideas? Happy shopping!)     

Photo Credit: Adam Le Sommer