How to Make Your Day Off Meaningful? Check Out Tip Number Three!

The Jaime Times How to Make Your Day Off Meaningful? Check Out Tip Number Three!

The Jaime Times How to Make Your Day Off Meaningful? Check Out Tip Number Three!
Ever since I started working, I’ve been a constant fan of weekend “me-time.” Every week, I always make sure that I have given myself at least one day of rest to recharge not only my body but my mind as well. I actually don’t have a clear plan on how to make the most out of these days because all I have in mind is I want to savor the cozy feeling of being free again after a tiring week at work. Usually, I don’t go outside if not really necessary. I just spend the whole day in my room— clinging to my velvet bed sheets and intoxicating myself to the relaxing lavender aroma of my air freshener. To elevate the vibe, I also turn on my mini speaker at maximum volume with a Mariah Carey playlist. Right after, there I would start watching vlogs on YouTube, reading articles I found on Facebook, tweeting about my lunch, posting my bed-hair selfie on the Instagram Story until I didn’t realize that another day has already gone. That’s how my day off normally goes on. 

Yes, there’s nothing special. I got you thinking the same way. Thus, one good day, I realized that I need to make my day off meaningful by engaging in some worthwhile activities. A sort of engagement that can make myself feel so accomplished. So here what I came up with. Below is the list of the tips I now consider every week to bring the best out of my day-offs.

Kill your alarm clock. 

As much as possible, make your room completely sound-proof every weekend. You deserve a quality sleep under a distraction-free surrounding. This is the right time to empty your mind and forget about the office worries. This morning is completely yours. So sleep as much as you can. Usually, I wake up at 8:00 because this is when the gleaming sun rays begin to strike through my window and it’s already disturbing me, so no choice but to get up. Next time, I must be considering to buy window blinds. 

The Jaime Times How to Make Your Day Off Meaningful? Check Out Tip Number Three!

Don’t turn on your laptop.

If not needed, stay away from your laptop for two days. Take a rest from anything that will only remind you of work. Not checking your laptops on your day off is not only good for your eye health, but it’s also an effective way to give your mind a peaceful distance and allow it to relax for a while. It would be of the greatest help, believe me.  

Satisfy your cravings. 

Day off also means cheat day to your diet. You deserve to reward yourself at least one dish or snack you’ve been craving for in the past days. I know that on weekdays, you either don’t have time or your budget is quite tight to get one for yourself, so I’m telling you that this is now the right time to enjoy it. If you’re looking for a good sweetener, I know a store that can gratify your sweet cravings. Check this out and feel at home. My favorite is their toothsome red velvet crinkles. It’s indeed a must-try!

Freshen up. 

Part of my weekend me-time is conquering the bathroom for almost an hour. This is the only chance I’ve given enough time to complete my skincare routine from cleansing and exfoliating to toning and moisturizing, so why I should not grab it? Along with it, I also soak my hair into shampoo and conditioner while soaping my body thrice. I don’t know, it just feels like taking a good bath really helps to tranquilize me down, at least for a while. It sets me apart from stress and tension. 

Get back to that one thing you love to do. 

I know that your busy office days made you resist to work on that one thing you really love to do. Now, you all have the time in your hands. Steal at least an hour or two to get it done. It’s really an easy and good way to make yourself feel accomplished for the day. 

Try something new.

Maybe you can try going to a new restaurant, traveling alone, hopping on your bike for a longer run, or visiting a museum. Doing something unusual is probably the most effective way to assure that you’re having a very meaningful day off. If you would be asking me, I think I’ll go to a gym and heat up my body a bit. What do you think? 


Catch up with your other half, friends, and family.

This may sound cliche, but you should always dedicate some hours to visiting all your loved ones during your day off. Among the productive activities I mentioned above, I still consider this as the only one that can genuinely recharge me for a new week ahead. Spending some time alone with them is the best way to fully relax and temporarily forget. Try to make at least one unforgettable memory with the people you treasure the most every time you’re available.  

Please, Enjoy Your Day Off

I actually don’t consider my day off a day off. I still strive hard to always make it so productive. But the difference is that I’m not dedicating it to someone or something else— I’m settling things for my own good. And it's actually nice to choose yourself sometimes. Isn’t it? 

So this coming weekend, I hope that you're going to consider having yourself a very meaningful day off. 

You deserve it! 

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Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

The Jaime Times How to Make Your Day Off Meaningful? Check Out Tip Number Three!