How to Stay Optimistic Amidst COVID-19 Crisis? Create A Post-pandemic Bucket List

The Jaime Times How to Stay Optimistic Amidst COVID-19 Crisis? Create A Post-pandemic Bucket List

I can’t believe that up until now after more than five months, I’m still writing pieces about the
COVID-19 pandemic. It’s hilarious. But I want to ask you, how are you feeling right now? It’s alright to tell me that you’re now tired of the stress, uncertainties, fear, and anxieties because I do feel the same way. We’re now all mentally-drained and physically-exhausted to digest the negative surprises happening every day. 

It’s quite hard to move forward, isn’t it? It feels as if there’s a rigid chain from the ground that impedes our feet to take a step. Don’t lie. I know that sometimes, you also breakdown in tears while losing a resource of hope. I do feel the same way.

But while living through this lonesome phase of pandemic for the past few months, I suddenly realized that I’m now also getting tired of being frightened and worried. Something hit my mind and made me cognize that we couldn’t help it even if we try harder. All we can do now is to dance with it and accept the fact that the disease is going to stay with us for a while. This is going to be our life at least for the interim. From there, I gained enough motivation to re-compose myself again and wake up with a new spark of hope. I used that good energy to divert myself and aim my focus on things much worthy of my time and effort. Relatedly, I discovered that one best way to preserve these positive vibes within myself is to come up with a post-pandemic bucket list. It’s a good thing, right? Having something in mind to look forward to is a great source of hope and inspiration. Really, writing some goals every other day makes me feel somewhat relieved. 

Here are some of the first things I want to do when this COVID-19 nightmare is finally over:

  • Stroll around the streets. 

Well, this had been my daily routine in the past years. Who would’ve thought that one day, I’m going to miss this a lot? After the quarantine, this is definitely the first thing I will do. Get out of the house and walk as far as I can. I’ll check if the road is still there and breathe some fresh air. Look around and let sunlight embrace me again after a long time. I bet you’d do the same thing as well. 


  • Go to Church.

I won’t deny that it’s been 5 months already since the last time I attended the mass. Surely, this is one of the very first things I’m going to do after this quarantine. I want to listen again to the Gospel, and feel each word that reverberates across the hall. I miss dipping my fingers into the holy water, and whisper a short prayer. I’m just longing to feel the hallowed ambiance whenever I am inside the church. 

  • Bring liveliness to our home.

This year, we’ve already planned to celebrate all the upcoming occasions together. Mom is supposedly going here in Batangas much more frequently. But since the pandemic got worse, these wonderful plans and family bondings melted in ashes. I’m just hoping that this year’s Christmas will be officially COVID-free all around the world.     

  • Meet my friends.

I can now imagine them fetching me from my house to watch the sunset. We used to do this with or without any occasion. This became our on-the-go routine to breathe and temporarily forget about our worries. And I think, we all deserve this after the quarantine to symbolize our triumph over the pandemic. 

  • Go to Tagaytay with my baby.

We usually date at least every other weekend. But now, we haven’t seen each other again for almost 7 months already. So it’s no surprise if I tell you right now that I’m really really missing my baby a lot. That’s why; I’ll run to him straight away when this nightmare is finally over. We’ll walk in the cold streets of Tagaytay and watch the sunset together by the shore.  I know it’s going to feel so much different. I’m excited for this day to come.  


Stay home. Stay healthy. The ending of this nightmare might yet look uncertain, but it’s going to end surely soon enough. So consider this ‘new normal’ as a once-in-a-lifetime chapter of your life. Make the most out of it. Collect tons of memories. And learn at least one lesson every day.  

Photo Credit: Sander Crombach