Morning is the Best Part of My Day, Here's How I Start It Productively


The Jaime Times Morning is the Best Part of My Day, Here's How I Start It Productively

I’m guilty of waking up as early as 6:00 AM but doing nothing for an hour or two in bed. It feels like I’m full of energy, but my body doesn’t want to coordinate yet. Just like most of you, the first thing I usually do upon waking up is I frown because of the glaring light coming from my cellphone. Yes, I check my phone to see the bunch of notifications hurdling over its status bar. But too late I often realize that this supposedly a brisk energizer has already consumed much of my morning time. When the clock hits 8:00 AM, I’m no longer free. It’s time to work. 

I wanted to put some alterations in my in-between morning periods. I realized that I can actually use that empty two hours I often spend on the bed in accomplishing some other beneficial activities to prepare myself for the whole day. I think that’s the missing part why I usually feel unmotivated later on. 

THE JAIME TIMES Morning is the Best Part of My Day, Here's How I Start It Productively
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So out of my daily regrets, I came up with a brand new morning routine which I think is way better than the original one I mentioned above. I started the dry-run just this week, and I’m planning to fully implement this next Monday. So far? So good! 

Try this also if you’re like me who’s constantly struggling to be a morning person.

THE JAIME TIMES Morning is the Best Part of My Day, Here's How I Start It Productively
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Wake up, but get away from your phone. 
Of course, the very first thing you should do is to wake up. Open your eyes slowly and familiarize yourself with the new day you’re about to face. However, try to turn your eyes away from your phone. Don’t let any gadget steal your attention. Just breathe in and let it out. Think of something beautiful to gear up your mood. 

Gradually rouse your body by doing some little movements.
The best thing I can recommend you is to somewhat tickle your dozing body by getting up a little and go to the window nearest to your bed. Try hard to open the window and pull up the curtain. Believe it or not, this few stretching will really electrify you and prompt you to finish more. 

Make a cup of coffee.
Perhaps this is the core of my newly-arranged morning routine. I know that once I get a bit caffeinated, I will be fully awake in the next minutes. So it deserves a good space in my initial morning to-do list. Also, I think it’s the best time to grab my phone and check for important notifications because, at this point, I’m confident enough that my mind has been already sharpened to digest things. I can send replies to messages and emails in my full spirit. Where to get the best morning coffee? Check this out!

Check the plants.
Checking the vitals of your plants is probably the best eyes-breaker in the morning. For sure, it will turn on your adrenaline rush once you see that the soil seems running dry and the leaves start to fall from its branches. Watering them if needed or temporarily placing them outside for sun exposure is actually a good exercise for your muscles. 

Brush your teeth and wash your face.
I consider this as the finale of my morning routine before I officially sit for work. I don’t know how it actually works but splashing some cold water over my face really gives me an unknown source of energy to start working things out. It feels as if I’m newly born and ready to bring everything on. By the way, I’m using Cetaphil gentle cleanser for my face to avoid unwanted irritation.

How About Breakfast? 

I usually take breakfast between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. It just feels like my tummy is not yet ready to consume foods in the hours earlier than that. So in the meantime, I’m either sipping a coffee or eating a small bowl of oatmeal. But my common breakfast is toasted bread with butter or simply fried rice. 

I think that’s it. This is how my morning often goes. Same? Let me know in the comment section your opinion or recommendation. 

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Photo Credit: Ashley Byrd 


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