Remember That I’m Always Here When Other People Turn Their Back On You

The Jaime Times Remember That I’m Always Here When Other People Turn Their Back On You

Remember that you’re not ever going to be alone because I promised God that I’ll always be here for you. Don’t ever make yourself feel unworthy of love because I love you for being who you are. I find your smile, pimple marks, short-temperedness, and sleepiness so cute and perfect. People you come across with will always make you doubt yourself. But I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you. They just don’t know how to appreciate someone’s hard-earned skills and efforts. Look me in the eyes and believe every word I’m going to say. “You’re extraordinary.” 

Don’t be afraid of failures because I’m always here to catch your fall and help you stand on your feet again. I will always encourage you to take rejections as an opportunity to direct yourself to a much better place. 

I know that you’re fragile and you’re easily getting broken apart. No worries. I’m more than willing to fix every piece of you and help you face the world stronger and bolder. 

You’re always open to everyone and love to give your trust to anybody so easily. I don’t want anyone to take your kind heart for granted. So I’ll always be there in the line to protect you from the world that’s constantly becoming cruel and deceitful over time. 


Your pure heart is so precious to me. So if something within you feels quite heavy, don’t ever hesitate to call me. I would love to share my strength with you. I’ll listen until you feel better. I’ll hold your hands until you calm down. I’ll stay next to you. 

We all have dark chapters in life. But if you get caught in there, please don’t tremble. I’ll be your light and I’ll gradually take you out there. I promise that I won’t leave you until you see the sunlight once again. 

I want to assure you that you don’t actually need to settle things on your own. I’m here to help at all costs and in all ways I know. We’re going to fight together

There will be sleepless and solitude nights. It’s normal to overthink and suffer from anxiety attacks. But I’m here to give you my word that you won’t ever feel alone in this fight. We’re going to take it easy until you naturally heal yourself. 

Remember that even if other people or people you trust and love the most turn their back on you, I’ll remain on my seat next to you. I can guarantee that you’re going to get through everything because I’m always here for you. 

I Just Want to Say

You’re enough. You’re actually more than enough. There’s no need for an explanation or validation to prove that you’re great in your own ways. Be happy. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to express your heart. Let the color within you tell people that this is you. These are the things that bring you joy. And you’re going to live with it. 

You’re worth it. I won’t get tired of telling you over and over again that you’re worth it. Simply because you really are. 

I can see that there’s something in you that makes you distinct from others. Use it as your strength to get through. 

I’m always here by your side so there’s nothing you should be afraid of. I love you. 

Photo Credit: Ismail Hamza