Soon, Better Days Will Come Even Without Asking For It

Falling Mariposa By Marielle Lanto

If you’re going to visualize your future while there’s a heavy pound inside that’s breaking your heart, you’re surely not going to see any picture of progress and happiness around it. From your perspective, all you would tend to discern is an unending road of despair and sadness. Your sick and tired mind would begin to flash some scenes of uncertainties in your dream, giving you a hard time to fall peacefully asleep at night. Fear will begin to consume you, leaving you hopeless and lost in your-own-self. You’ll be a prisoner of regrets as you start losing confidence to take things under your control. You’ll eventually become clouded and blinded. 

Even if you still have a remaining dose of strength to at least try carrying on, something you can’t explain will instead try harder to hold you back in your place. You will falter to do even the things you are expert in. A small and lonesome corner in your room will then become your comfort zone. Later on, it’s going to feel like being alone is much better than having someone next to you. Days would all feel the same. Tears would no longer be enough to alleviate the pain. It’s simply a total loss of motivation as you gradually forget the purpose of why you’re supposedly keeping on. You would look like a very stunning car but running out of gas to kick off the engine and go the distance. You’re stuck in troubled waters. At this level, there is where “giving up” becomes the only option in life you have access to.

But despite all of these, I still believe in the power of faith— faith to God and His plans, and faith to yourself. No matter how gloomy your current situation is, I still believe that everything has its own ending at the right time. Just like how this darkness changed your beautiful soul, the path you’re taking today can also change its track and lead you back home. 


It will take a little while before you finally realize that after all, there’s still a little hope that can suddenly appear out of your helplessness. A little hope that can bring big changes in how you’re coping with life challenges and struggles. A little hope that can teach you that there’s always goodness in every chapter of your life. A little hope that can make you believe again that life is not as cruel and as dreadful as you think. A little hope that can bring back the old you who is motivated, persevering, persistent, and strong. I know that there's still a person inside you with a beautiful spirit who never included ‘giving up’ in her weapons against different stumbling blocks. A person who often breaks down, but never gives in.  

Think of This, Instead

Lonely nights may seem so long and endless sometimes, but it surely has an end. Just like a beautiful rainbow that always comes after the storm, there is also a hopeful morning that will always appear after a somber night. One morning you’ll wake up as if you’re in a different world because the pain and worries you’ve been crying about last night are now heaved from your heart. Wounds will turn into scars. Bleeding will metamorphose into blessings. Getting up from your bed to face another day will no longer feel so frightening. Your bottle will be refilled with motivation again as everything around begins to feel so light. 

And yes, you don’t need to ask for it because it will certainly come in your life at the most unexpected chances. Better days are a gift from above dedicated to people who endure and patiently wait. 

So please don’t stop. Just move forward.     

(Marielle loves to express herself in different forms of art. She can act, sing, write, but she becomes more herself when she paints. Check out her masterpieces here.