6 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Not Happy to be With You Anymore

The Jaime Times 6 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Not Happy to be With You Anymore
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For once and for all, are you still happy with your present relationship? Or you're just enduring your current set up because you're afraid to be alone again? 

There's a strange emotion that overtakes us when we're in love. The magic is overflowing. The sweetness seems endless. Our high-towering standard flies away. Our happiness becomes simple. And we totally transform into a different person. 

Days we’re with our special someone is very light as though we are floating above the clouds. Nights that are supposed to be so dark shine so bright like the ocean of stars in the sky. As long as this dear person is around, nothing can't break us down. 

But changes are traitors that come at most unexpected chances. They're like typhoons that crash everything across its way and leave a remarkable trace of destruction in different aspects of our lives, including relationships. 

Are you ready for it? 

Believe it or not, accept it or not, love fades in time. People change even those who we thought would not. Memories become bitter as sweetness runs out of doses. The person we treasure the most in this world may not leave physically, but there’s a series of instances that it would feel as if he did. In the end, we’ll come to realize that the only thing that remains valuable is commitment. Without it, we’ll certainly lose against destiny.


How long the sugary and beautiful moments will last between you and your partner? Nobody knows. But here are the six tenuous signs you can watch out to know if your partner is still happy to be with you or not at all:

  1. You’re here and reading this essay. I know that the reason why you’re going through the words I wrote above is because you’re already having some doubts with your partner now. Well anyway, I’m still wishing I’m wrong though. 

  2. Instead of offering you a warm embrace and comfort, he feels embarrassed and explodes to his anger whenever you commit mistakes. Understanding someone is really hard, but at least he should’ve tried a little. 

  3. Ask him about that one thing you were eagerly telling him last week, I’m sure he won’t remember even a single word you said. 

  4. Heart-melting words he passionately told you before such as ‘you’re worth it,’ ‘you’re beautiful,’ suddenly hit your mind because now, you’re starting to doubt your-own-self. 

  5. You’re constantly getting surprised not with presents, but because he’s now deciding even without asking your thoughts and suggestions beforehand.

  6. He talks less. But when he’s in the mood to open a conversation, he’s going to speak about other people— and mostly about girls.   


Always keep in mind that you always deserve better. You don't need to bottle yourself inside, because out there, a beautiful world is waiting for you. If it's not worth it at all, breakaway and start a new and better beginning