Dream High But Prepare Yourself For A Long Way Adventure

The Jaime Times Dream High But Prepare Yourself For A Long Way Adventure

It's quite difficult to find your purpose in life if you don't have something in mind you wish to achieve in the near future. I've been in that disposition where I constantly convinced myself that it's just alright to resist dreaming and planning what my life is going to be soon. But as I went on, this mindset didn't give me the feeling of relief I expected to come through. 

I felt like I was a ship sailing across the ocean with no direction. I was trying different things in my two hands, but I couldn't feel the gratification I needed and I was looking for. For many years, I was literally a lost puzzle piece that was just walking around, freewheeling in the corners, and trying to fit in every space I found. 

There I started to cast a heavy question to myself: "Where do I really want to go?" It was a groundbreaking moment for me because, at last, I was finally here and starting to dream and draw wonderful pictures in my mind. 

That's where the long way adventure in chasing my dreams began. 

Between grade 4 and grade 6, I had a great obsession over airplane toys, the one made of paper and cardboard. So no surprise that I had recited multiple times on my "introduce yourself" speech that I wanted to be a pilot someday. But my puppy love about being an airman didn't last long. I had an affair with a new dream; I got a strong determination to be an accountant. 


In some quarters of my high school journey, I was so proud to exclaim across the four corners of our classroom that I wanted to pursue accountancy despite garnering 79% as the highest score in most of my mathematics quizzes. I was that brave back then. I wish I could still inherit that vibe now because I, probably all of us, badly need it right now. But do you know how becoming an accountant fascinated me that much? It's because my simplistic mind thought that accountancy is the only way to get myself in an office working set-up. A bit silly, right? So you know that this dream didn't get a long-time grasp in my heart, especially when I discovered that there's actually a lot of choices I can try to be able to work in the comfort of the office air conditioner.

Other more? I also soared as high as seeing myself wearing a tidy white overcoat and checking on people's health status. Priest, engineer, lawyer, theater actor; they all came into my mind as well and gave me a hard time choosing where I would fit the best. But I think God always has a unique way to bring us to a place where we deserve to be. In clear signs, he whispered through my ears that I would be so happy in the future to be in formal attire every day, teaching children how to read and speak English. 

I held onto it for the rest of my high school years. All my classmates and friends, even some of my teachers, knew that I would be pursuing education in college— and yes, they were all cheering me up. As a matter of fact, a dear friend of mine even gave me a lesson plan as a Christmas gift which, I won’t deny, provided me a new source of inspiration to take this road for real.  

But I never expected that fate would suddenly derail me from the path I was currently looking forward to. What happened? I ended up being a communication major, the college program I often ignored. 

The first part of my college year didn’t go easy for me, because I was still questioning myself why I fell on this track instead of starting to live my high school dream. But moving on, it was getting clearer that God has actually saved me and directed me to a more challenging adventure yet much more gratifying destiny. 


AB-Communication made me experience the most unforgettable ‘first times’ of my life. I received different academic recognition over the years, garnered pieces of training and lessons from various competitions especially related to creative writing, I was able to experience working in an internationally-acclaimed news organization, and I made my parents so proud for graduating with flying colors. For me, it was a dream come true to walk my parents on the stage not only to claim my medals, but also to tell the world that these are my parents and they are the reason why I'm here. Super unforgettable! Isn’t this change of track an unexpectedly nice joyride? 

Today after a long way adventure I had gone through, I’m now a content writer in a digital marketing agency, and also a blogger who’s eager to bring fresh weekly content to you in this digital age. I could say that this may not be the exact dream I was dreaming before, but the feeling of fulfillment is undeniably similar and even more than that. Still I could say that everything that happened to me and who I became to be are absolutely a dream come true. 

In A Nutshell

I wouldn’t believe you if you tell me that you don’t have dreams or you didn’t even try to dream even once in your life. You may not have the courage yet to tell everyone about it, but I know that you’re planning it little by little in the back of your head. Have the courage to stand up for it. Just like what Mariah Carey said, “make it happen!”

Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson