Thanks to You, I Learned to Love Myself

The Jaime Times Thanks to You, I Learned to Love Myself

Hold on. We didn't break up. We didn't cool off. We're ok and getting much stronger every day. (Just a quick disclaimer in case some of you take my title as something negative.)

During my 'hopeless romantic' years, I was also one of the many people who used to rumble on the comment section when somebody known with an unbreakable relationship suddenly posted a strange Facebook status such as "Thanks to you, I learned to love myself. " I don't know, but such innuendos seem to have a standard meaning for us that it's perhaps implying a breakup, isn't it? But well, who won't? Whenever we sense it that way, it's— most of the time— correct. 

Same thing goes with "Salamat sa lahat (thanks for everything)." Once this quotation appears on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stories, our keyboard-smasher fingers will certainly start moving across our messenger group chats to drop a controversial bomb in the midst of silence: "Did the love birds just break up?"

However, when I finally met my "the one," part of the things he changed in my life was my perspective towards these beautiful words that I undeniably misinterpreted for most of my juvenile years. Without hurting or breaking me apart in any way, he taught me that people don’t actually have to separate or part ways before saying “thank you” to each other. Right? 

I Realized

As we go along together, I learned to love myself. I learned to give importance to my personal life. I learned to see the beauty in me that I failed to notice and utilize for the past 20 years of my life. I was able to acknowledge my worth. I was able to trust myself a hundred percent for the first time. Simply, I have learned and believed that I'm unique, I'm incomparable, I'm irreplaceable, at least in his eyes and so I should look up to myself and take care of it just like how I do love my family, friends, and of course, my significant other. I have no idea how he got to convey all of these realizations in my mind, but in his subtle selfless actions towards me, it's as if he's implying that he would never afford to see me crying, suffering, and suffocating. Thus, he's giving me the freedom to live the kind of life I'm always dreaming of while he is fundamentally part of it. I know it's partly magic but it is actually real. We can choose both ourselves and our partners at the same time, moment, and circumstances. 


I realized that even if I'm in a relationship, it doesn't mean that I will deprive myself of freedom, social life, personal happiness, and me-time. This guy I'm deeply in love with always makes sure that we are in a balanced sphere where we can both accomplish things freely in our career, family, and private life. I don't exactly know how we get used to this philosophy, but I'm sure this is religiously a matter of genuine understanding between each other. 

For this, I’m here to extend my most sincere gratitude to this person I always consider as a gift from God. Also, I’m here to break the negative notions that many people— like me before— see and consider from these wonderful words of appreciation. Let's recognize those few people who never hesitate to give us freedom in whatever we want to do. 

“Thanks to you, I learned to love myself. Thank you for taking care of me. Always remember that I also want you to feel the same way in my cradle. So please love yourself always. Choose yourself if you have to. I want you to be in a good state just like how you want me to be always. I love you”  

Photo Credit: Muhammad Ruqiyaddin