Working From Home? Here's How to Stay Functional for 8 Long Hours

The Jaime Times Working From Home? Here's How to Stay Functional for 8 Long Hours
The Jaime Times Working From Home? Here's How to Stay Functional for 8 Long Hours

Just like most employees out there whose companies don't require physical presence to be able to operate well, I've been also in a work from home set-up for roughly 6 months now. The experience of getting the work done at home is actually nice because aside from it can give me a strong feeling of security and comfort during this trying time, I also don't need to start my morning in stressful scenarios as there's no traffic, no can't-decide moments when choosing what to wear, no rush breakfast, and no blatant exposure to pollution that I have to face before getting to the actual battlefield— the office. All I need to do is to wake up at least 5 minutes before the official time in, get up in my pajama, walk three steps to my table, turn on my laptop, and that's it. My semi-awakened mind and my empty stomach are ready for another day. 

In the first few hours, my mind is working so amazing where I can finish writing a one-thousand-word article in just a swift two hours. But going on, I can feel that my productivity level begins to subside to the extent that I'm really struggling to come up with a few sentences for my next article. And I think the main reason why my mind is suddenly coming to a halt in the middle of the day is because of various temptations that start to rise and run inside my head. 

I know that just like me, you're also bothered when your warm bed or your favorite movie or your cellphone is trying to lure you to take a break for a while. And resisting its call is just leading you to a more troubling position as it slowly brings your productivity down until you can no longer have a stable focus. Yes, it's torture indeed. 

The Jaime Times Working From Home? Here's How to Stay Functional for 8 Long Hours
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Nonetheless, I can still say that enduring such inevitable dead air moments at home is way better than risking your safety outside just to be on your office seat and get that high-yielding vibe. 

Don't worry, I have here some effective remedies you can try in case you're also experiencing this adjustment dilemma. Better stay home and incorporate these tips because there's still no vaccine nor direct cure available for COVID-19.

Choose the perfect spot in your room. 
As much as possible, set up your work station in a particular space where you can barely hear the TV feedback and barely see the lounging area. It's going to help you aim your focus and interest in your work rather than giving way to different temptations. Personally, I prefer to place my table near a clear window where I can easily peep through the outside world if I would suddenly need a space to breathe and relax. 
Keep an organized and neat workstation. 
Seeing a mountain of crumpled papers all over your table will only add fuel to your stress and frustrations. So if you're really eager to stay functional throughout the day, keep your workstation clean and organized. Consider this space as your “home” inside your home to be able to extract something fruitful every day. Perhaps, you can try putting some mini cute ornaments like cactus and succulents on the edges as well as minute decorations which are mostly in pastel color. They can help you loosen up while digging into piles of work. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee. 
Before I officially gear up for the tasks, I always make sure that I have a cup of coffee anywhere on my table. Its strong yet sweet aroma is one thing I can't lose in the morning together with its magical taste that turns my productive mood on. Looking for a great coffee blend? The search is over! Check this out and pick your favorite! 

The Jaime Times Working From Home? Here's How to Stay Functional for 8 Long Hours
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Hungry? Grab a snack! 
Always have something sweet because I'm certain that you would need an additional supply of glucose to get through an exhausting workday. A chocolate bar and several pieces of crinkles are my favorite energy booster. How about you? 

Little walks are great controllers. 
If you've thrown your body in one position for a long time, don't be surprised if later on, you would suddenly feel sleepy or whatsoever. Every 30 minutes, try to get up, stretch out, and walk around. In this way, you can give some space to the metabolic cycles happening inside your body, including your mind to get refreshed. 

Even if you're just there inside your home, strive hard to be in your usual spirit just like when you were going to the office before. Start by taking a shower before clocking in. Much better if you’re going to wear your favorite office attire, but yes, I know it’s far too much. This is one way I can see to keep a productive day rushing in even if you’re not in the original set-up. Imagine that your boss is watching you somewhere in the corners so that you’ll be encouraged to act as if you’re in your freezing cubicle. So keep your necktie clean!

Divided Highway

Adjustment is really a challenge for an employee who is forced to work from home due to the pandemic. But I can assure you that it’s undeniably possible if you would just set a rigid boundary between work and home. Enjoy each day, but try to be productive as well. Let that eager force pinch through your keyboard and get the task done successfully and efficiently. 

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Photo Credit: Corinne Kutz