A Mistake That Surprisingly Gave Me Better Life Opportunities

The Jaime Times A Mistake That Surprisingly Gave Me Better Life Opportunities

Lately, I get deeply addicted to the brand new Korean Drama, Start-up. It's a wonderful story about building a business firm from total scratch. The series is still ongoing but so far, it has already seized a room in my heart and engraved tons of beautiful lessons in my mind. 

Seo Dal Mi's character, the aspiring CEO in the show, presented a sublime life idea that somehow reminds me of a memory in my past where I bravely stayed confident and faithful to my decisions while my friends and parents were considering these choices as my worst mistakes. But even if I knew from the start that the road would be rough, I still kept my spirit high and strongly stood up for what I chose. Just like Dal Mi, I never had regrets for all the decisions I made though most of them pushed me to the edge of the cliff. 

I went through a lot because of this. I got breakdowns, low days, heartbreaks, but I kept on to see how far I could go. And after several years of carrying weight, I magically began pulling through. I saw a gleaming light and by then, I knew that everything would fall into the right place like well-arranged dominos inside its case. One ravishing day just came and gave me the courage to stand proudly on my feet. With my head held high, I finally told myself that ‘I made it. All my choices worked.’ 

Most people see me as someone feeble and lousy. But let me tell you that I have a staunch heart when it comes to decision making. When I say “I’ll make it,” I’ll really do it.

To tell you a story, here’s one mistake I did in the past that somewhat opened a much better door for me in the present. 

I Turned Down a Scholarship Offer From a Prestigious University

It was a full scholarship grant in exchange for my service as a maintenance assistant. I applied for it with hopes that I could help my parents somehow. The office phoned me with the offer a week before BatStateU, my alma mater, closes its admission. I gleefully accepted the proposal and went to my first day. 

I was not sure what happened during my first hours in duty, but all of a sudden, I just wanted to go home and never come back again. And yes, I rushed home in the middle of the day with no convincing explanation to give my parents. Arriving at our door, I casually told my mom and my dad that I wanted to retract my signature from the offer and quit. They asked ‘why’ with disappointment growing in their eyes. “It’s not for me.”  

It was heart-breaking to see that they were trying to pretend that it’s ok when obviously, my choice was literally getting to their nerves. I really wanted to reach out at some point and convince them to move on, but how? We'd just lost a great and once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity, and I couldn't even bring out an acceptable and valid reason. To sum up, it was like I threw a million-dollar money into the deep blue sea. 

I failed to repay their trust. 

Nonetheless, the show must go on. With a heavy heart but still filled with inducement, I went to the Lipa Campus of Batangas State University for the entrance examination. That was the first time I had to vie for something without getting a good luck kiss from my mom. 


While inside the examination room, my blood ran cold, and felt so highly strung. I was pressured because this time around, I no longer wanted to fail again. This time around, I knew that I needed to bring home a fire-cracking good news

I anticipated that my stock knowledge was no longer accurate and relevant to be a hundred percent confident with my answers, but when the result came out, it seemed like I judged myself wrong. 


With an above-average score, I got admitted to an undergraduate program which wasn't on my top 5 choices. My reasons both include limited programs available and time pressure. At least, this won't consist of too many mathematics units. I enrolled in BA Communication program. 

I hurried home bringing the good news with me. My mom was standing next to the door. I told her that I passed the exam and handed her my registration form. I could no longer remember vividly what took next but I was sure she pressed me closer and we hugged each other so tight. That ended the cold war in our home. 

What Did I Get in Exchange? 

I really admire those students who can focus on their study and go to work at the same time. I see them as one of the supermen in our modern world for having a vigorous resistance to physical exhaustion and a renewable source of motivation while under strong pressure. 

Sadly, I'm not and I can't be like them. It runs in my blood to easily fall disoriented and agitated when piles of responsibility begin to lean on my shoulder. Once I arrive at this point, I would either get my one hand done while the other is compromised or accomplish nothing at all. 

Perhaps, this is also the reason that will best explain why I turned down that scholarship offer. At least I made a choice earlier before I incur irreversible damages. 

I know that I lost a lot when I declined that offer such as credentials, excellent training and grounds, chances to meet high-profile professors, and many more. But in some ways, it seems like my refusal— or rather— my choice to stay steadfast with my decision, brings me better roads to take. Thank God. 

Here they are: 

  1. Friends whom I can trust the most. 

  2. People who believe that I’m valid, precious, and worth it. 

  3. Authority over my time and priorities. 

  4. Focus that helped me distribute my effort and time equally to numerous requirements that needed to get done. 

  5. Freedom that still let me enjoy my life while getting my gears towards my dreams. 

  6. Options that kept myself unsaturated and never suffocated to the waves of life tensions inside the university. 

  7. Good and bad memories that served as a room for breakdowns that cleansed my soul and tears of joy that recharged my fighting spirit. 

  8. Sense of directions that allowed me to responsibly maneuver my boat and see the true meaning of success which is: heart-deep contentment. 

  9. Valuable lessons from my failures and winnings that certainly built the blueprint of the person I became today. 

  10. Unexpected experiences that gave surprises and unexpected happiness. 

I'm grateful that I had stable access to the 10 elements I mentioned above because they served as my building block to achieve so many things such as academic recognitions, a chance to enter various university-wide contests, an extraordinary internship, and a diploma with bonus colors. 

Thank you self and thank you parents for trusting me again! 

Be Like Dal Mi

I realized that as long as your decision comes from your genuine heart and sound mind, it will surely lead you to something good. It may be hard sometimes to fathom the nature of our choices, but deep beneath your intention, there lies a valuable reason that will save everything. 

So let's be all a Dal Mi of our own. Stand for what we believe in and make it happen in time. People will try to criticize and bring us down, but our faith will always cheer us up. 

Good luck with your wise decisions ahead. Aja! 

Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle