Stop the Debate! Let’s Just Respect Each Other Regardless of Gender

The Jaime Times Stop the Debate! Let’s Just Respect Each Other Regardless of Gender

Five fingers down if you ever hurt someone just because he’s a boy yet he is fond of imitating Catriona’s lava walk while wearing a wig and pink long dress. With your other hand, five fingers down if you ever shout so rudely and throw the most devastating words at someone just because she’s a girl yet she refused to play with your dollhouses then instead hung out with your bros to haunt a spider. Now, look at your hands. What do you see?

I hope this quick game didn’t bring you two vicious fists before your sight. I hope that whoever reads this essay, you’re not the type of person who can easily punch anyone just for a shallow and homophobic reason. I hope that you never resort to violence just because a person goes against your belief and views. I hope you never favor any form of discrimination and intimidation against differences between people. And lastly, I hope you instead have open hands to, if not accept, at least respect other people’s choice of happiness. I still believe that beneath the uncaring skin of our world today, there’s still hope for humanity. 

I’m not sure when exactly it started, but being homosexual is still a favorite subject for incessant debates up until today. The arguments coming from different parts of the world are merging online with plain hashtags. What's fascinating about these talks traceable from this worldwide thread is that they all coherently start with a specific piece from the Bible’s Adam and Eve and end up in hate, gut-wrenching criticisms, and worst— violence. It’s heart-rending to realize that just to outcast queer individuals from the game, some people really go as far as utilizing the words of God to promote abhorrence and dividedness while 1 Peter 4:8 clearly emphasizes to love each other deeply. Yes, I won’t deny that the irony bothers and perhaps frightens me so much. 


I’m well aware that there had already been so many explanations presented through the years in support of equal rights for people who are in what we call third sex,but almost none of it got universally acknowledged and the cycle only repeats itself generation to generation. And so being considered myself as one of them, I’m writing this to try once again with hopes that this time around, a gleaming light will somehow fade out the darkness.

Identifying ourselves as gay whatsoever is not actually our personal choice. It just comes out from our personality as we grow up and begin discerning things out of the box. Honestly speaking, just like you, we also have no idea at some point why we are like this— why we are quite different from other people. So every time we are being persecuted, I’m also asking the sky why do we need to take the blade for a life we don’t even choose? We can’t help it even if we believe that God has a perfect reason for this. No matter how many times we get forced to change, we’re only ending up reflecting who we really are because we were born this way. 

It’s not that much to be a human. It’s free and effortless. So I’m here to encourage you to just burn down the debates and just learn to respect. Don’t choose. Just respect everyone. Respect people without looking if she’s a girl or he’s a boy or they're in the third sex. Respect everyone because, like you, we are also humans equally created by God. Though there are certain levels and variations, it still can’t be denied that regardless of gender, everyone is entitled to the same freedom you're currently savoring right now. Homosexuals aren't actually asking for too much. All we need is a peaceful world and a safe space to live our lives freely. 

Respect doesn’t always demand acceptance. If you think it’s quite too much for you, then you can turn your eyes away and take the opposite path. Your silence, instead of resorting to iron fist, will be appreciated as your way of respect. Easy? 

The world is very colorful because every human is unique and distinct. It takes an open and understanding eye to see the alluring paradise. So think now. Let’s break the walls and start all over again. Don’t let gender tear us apart.  

Photo Credit: Christian Sterk


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