What You Need is A Little Appreciation of Yourself

The Jaime Times What You Need is A Little Appreciation of Yourself
Crack of Thomas By Marielle Lanto

You're always telling me that the people you often see on television shows we binge watch are amazingly beautiful. According to you, they have the perfect skin complexion, mesmerizing visuals, and ideal posture

One morning while sipping my good black coffee, you dashed toward me like a little child and showed me a newspaper headline about a huge donation drive founded by a group of young individuals. From what I could see in your effervescent eyes, you were extremely delighted by the effort they willingly exerted to extend help to the victims of the disastrous typhoons.

And just yesterday, you then again asked me to drive you near the shore because you wanted to see the sunset by the bay. For you, it’s so romantic and alluring so you never miss a chance to witness it at least once a month. 


Seeing you with appreciative eyes and a sympathetic heart toward others makes me feel happy and hopeful that in this cruel world, there are still some solicitous people like you who genuinely cherish the value of nature, people, talent, kindness, and purity. You're one-of-a-kind. 

But it’s indeed sad to realize that while these beautiful words easily slip from your lips when complimenting and validating other people, I noticed that I haven’t heard you saying these to your-own-self. All I can hear from you are doubts, comparisons, and yearnings. There’s no memory I can remember you said “I’m beautiful! I’m good at this, that,” even just for once.  

I’m wondering what makes it hard for you to appreciate yourself? To be confident of who you are? To live your life with no holding back?


Listen. You are romantically alluring like the sunset you love to watch. You have a kind heart toward others and you’re able to help in your own good ways even without much alms to offer. And most importantly, you don’t actually need to wish for the smooth skin or mesmerizing visuals of your drama idols because with what I can see when I look at you, you're naturally and incomparably beautiful, especially when you’re assertive of your smile and the way you present yourself. Even without surpassing the standards imposed by today’s modern world, you can still be beautiful by just being who you truly are and appreciating what God has given you. 

I’m proud of you. You’re extraordinary. Be proud of yourself. Stay happy.

(Marielle loves to express herself in different forms of art. She can act, sing, write, but she becomes more herself when she paints. Check out her masterpieces here.)