4 Simple Wishes for the Next Leaders of Our Country

The Jaime Times 4 Simple Wishes for the Next Leaders of Our Country

Unexpected volcanic eruption that resulted in million worth of damages. Swift domination of COVID-19 pandemic across the entire archipelago that claimed thousands of lives, livelihood, and made the economy crumbled so terribly. And the latest, calamitous disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes that consecutively hit the country in just a matter of days. All these adversities happened in 2020, a year that supposed to give us new starts, wonderful opportunities, and bountiful chances. 

Many of you will certainly brand 2020 as the most unforgettable nightmare you ever have experienced. And yes, I’m thinking the same way. But on the other side, this year has a note-worthy lesson for us all that we must always keep in mind, especially when the time comes we’re going to use our power again as voters. “These may be all inevitable in nature, but at least we deserve something better in terms of preparation and recovery.” 

Considering these events, I came up with a simple wishlist addressing the future leaders of our country. I hope, the wind will help me reach these people and whisper to them our earnest yearning for a better future.

Here they go:


  1. Please don't forget that our environment— just like your people— is also an indispensable element that builds our nation. So with all the power and means you have in your hands, do your level best to protect and rehabilitate our nature. 2020 is already enough to encourage us to talk about our natural resources and make constructive actions to preserve its shape and beauty. Believe it or not, but one effective environmental plan can save thousands by millions of lives. 

  2. I hope that the brand new Philippines in 2022 will have a more just eye towards every Filipino, especially when it comes to justice. Every Filipino is both protected and accountable under the law so please ascertain to put an end to any exceptions. 

  3. After what we have experienced this 2020, I’m looking forward to seeing a new array of leaders who are seriously working on various preparedness plans that will tangibly work in times of unforeseen calamities, pandemic, terrorism, etc. In many cases, it has been constantly proven that prevention is indeed better than cure.  

  4. I do really praying that the next people to inhabit the Palace and other government offices will have a pure and steadfast heart in serving the country throughout their term. I hope that they will always lend their ears to listen to our frustrated screech as well as their open mind to oversee the entire citizenry in whatever situations we’re about to face ahead. Also, please be an exponent of democracy and bring its significant philosophies to life through your leadership. Never suppress the freedom guaranteed by the constitution and instead make a way to extend it to every single Filipino.   

In A Nutshell 

While it’s our responsibility to be a watchdog, it’s also our duty to forgive our leaders because just like us, they are also humans who can’t be perfect after all. 

But it doesn’t mean that we will forget. There’s always a valuable lesson in every transition, and it’s our mission to learn from it. 

The present may be in the power of our incumbent leaders, but the future of our country is in our hands.

Photo Credit: Natalie Rhea