‘One Line Per Day’ is Not Much to Give Yourself A Space to Breathe

The Jaime Times ‘One Line Per Day’ is Not Much to Give Yourself A Space to Breathe

When my mind is occupied with overrunning thoughts, I used to write a brief poem or essay out of it. I often conceal the actual details in sleeves of artistic lines and creative words because I know I’m not that brave to openly talk about it. But despite the censorship, I can still feel so free whenever I’m doing it. It provides me a reliable channel which I can easily access whenever I’m in need of emotional release. 

This kind of journaling I learned to do in my younger years is what I highly need right now, given our difficult situation with the pandemic. However, everything has changed. I’m guilty that my patience and creativity in writing has now depleted over the months I’m exerting extensive effort into my content writing job. At night when I get home, all I can do is lie on my bed and let the heavy feelings pound over my head. I want to go back to this personal therapy but certain circumstances do not allow it. It’s hard to endure the night. 

Until I was casually browsing through my Facebook newsfeed where I magically got in touch with an ad that somewhat gave me new hope to revive this old relieving device. I forgot the name but there is this stationery store that sells a unique journal that stole my utmost attention at that moment. They call it “One-liner Journal” which is designed to remain utile for at least 5 years on your hands. Here’s the amazing catch, per day, you’re ought to write just one best line to fully describe your day. Not that much to consume you during your exhausting day, isn’t it? 

One Line Per Day journal is the answer! When I found it, I had no enough money at that time to buy myself one so I resorted to my amateur DIY designing skills. I have a spare notebook stuck in my drawer and that’s what I used. Few linear designs, some touches of primary colors, and voila! It’s done! I’m ready to get it on! 

In the present, I’ve been devoting myself to this new therapeutic material for 9 days already. By far, it’s stunningly good. You know, I can somehow mitigate my emotional stress without pushing myself too much.

In some ways, this journal blankets me inside to help me alleviate the impact of the great storm raging outside. It's helping, really! It's more than a compilation of paper and thoughts. 

Photo Credit: David Iskander