Online Shopping at Shopee? Here Are Some Tips to Get Great Deals

The Jaime Times Online Shopping at Shopee? Here Are Some Tips to Get Great Deals

One great thing that COVID- 19 pandemic taught me is to stay indoors and shop online. Online shopping wasn’t actually my style. I would always choose to buy my essentials in-store mainly because I have trust issues and I just love strolling around the malls to see what’s new. But since we’re in fluctuating lockdowns, I got forced to give online mobile shopping a try. 


Exactly one year ago, I downloaded the Shopee app and created my account. All I remember back then when I thought about Shopee were Kris Aquino, Jose Mari Chan, and of course, Kuya Wil. But with regards to the navigation of the app for online shopping, I was totally clueless. 

I finally tried to search for a product and while I went on, I discovered that hovering around its interface was actually so easy. In an hour or two, I could confidently say I’m officially an online shopping pro. 

Even if I firmly told you earlier that I don’t really like to buy online, I won’t deny that my initial experience with the Shopee app was a big blast. Apart from it’s convenient, I also felt so secure with my orders, especially when my very first purchase arrived in extremely good condition. 

I’m now retracting my first sentiments about online shopping. I really enjoy all the great deals I find at Shopee such as cheap clothes online, cheap home decor, fast transaction, free shipping— everything! All I could say now is “Salamat, Shopee!” 

Since I steadfastly believe that sharing is caring, I have some tips for you on how you can get great deals from online mobile shopping. I know we all love online sale so here we go: 

  • Turn on the notifications for your Shopee App.

Shopee’s one way to inform us with wonderful deals such as free shipping, discount vouchers, and mega sale is through the app’s default push notification. So if you turn it off, you’re indeed going to lose a lot. Trust me. 

  • Whenever you’re unoccupied, make it a hobby to browse over the flash deal.

Who would’ve thought that I could get a high-quality LED television at a very cheap price? Yes, I got such a great deal by just being bored and subconsciously browsing through Shopee’s flash sale. 

  • Don’t ignore the pop-up ads when the app is launching. 

I bet you always ignore the pop ads whenever they show up. Well, who won’t if it slows down the app’s loading speed? But just a friendly reminder: most of the time, these ads contain the most wonderful deals that Shopee can ever offer. So, just give a little patience and try to sacrifice once in a while. 

  • Don’t place your order without checking the “voucher” and the “redeem coins” panel.

Make it a hobby to check for free shipping and discount vouchers before hitting the place order button. Based on experience, Shopee really loves to surprise the users with unexpected vouchers of different kinds. Also, don’t forget to redeem some coins!


In my opinion, Shopee is not just a simple online store; it’s more of a savior for most people in the Philippines. It gets us whatever we need in just a few clicks. 5/5 is not enough because I can give as much as 100! Download the app here and enjoy shopping in the comfort of your home. 

HEAD’S UP SHOPPERS! Shopee’s Mega Free Shipping Sale is on March 27! You know the drill!

(Disclaimer: This Tiptalk contains affiliate links. Thanks for reading)