The idea of running a website first hit my mind when I was in Manila to attend my internship. That was the time I felt completely alone because I stayed in a new place which seemed so foreign to me. I needed to talk to my friends and significant other to alleviate the stress and homesickness, but I got no one near me. The only way I found is to utilize a good communication instrument where I can speak out my thoughts and drive my sadness away. In the midst of this solidarity, I found Tumblr as a perfect channel. I created a free account and started blogging straight away. 

My blogging website first appeared under the name “Hayme" at www.jaimetheblogger.tumblr.com. For many months, it became my home that constantly listened to my stories and witnessed both my success and downfall.
But in the late 2019, I left this website for a while and temporarily stopped posting updates. It was due to a sudden transition in my life after I graduated from college and entered the corporate world. This brought me a series of emotional and physical exhaustion. That time, my focus was aimed at adjusting in my brand new life and grabbing chances to take some rest.

Until the world suddenly stopped in mid 2020. A death-dealing pandemic crashed the whole world into pieces. President Rodrigo Duterte declared a Luzon-wide enhanced community lockdown to address the fight against the health crisis. Massive movements of people were strictly prohibited. Transportation was suspended and normal life was shifted. Everyone was ordered to stay at home. Because of this, I was able to get some good rest and reflect more on myself. It gave me another motivation to continue what I have already started. From then on, I slowly opened again this website for my self-reflected thoughts with hopes of inspiring anxious and frightened people who were totally locked up in their homes. 

I used the same Tumblr account but I replaced the sub-domain with thejaimetimes.tumblr.com for some reason. I called it The Jaime Times because I wanted to use this as an open diary where every chapter of my life is well-recorded. The Jaime Times is the good result of my fears, anxieties, and sadness that embraced me during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. It became the second new home for my thoughts, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. 
But just like what other people say that the only permanent thing in this world is change, I continued to improve my website. Now, I migrated to another blogging platform for a better user-experience. My new website is now hosted by an authentic domain for much easier accessibility. 

The Jaime Times is now located at www.thejaimetimes.online, with a new elaborated title "The Jaime Times Online." But even though I walked through several website revisions, my mission and vision of telling stories and inspiring people remain intact. Thanks for always being there in all the "times" of my life. 

The Jaime Times was named by Feedspot as one of the Top 200 Philippine Blogs on the Web. Currently, it’s sitting at #81. Thanks for appreciation.
The Jaime Times Online is an open avenue where I, as the author, can freely, boldly, and eagerly splash out my personal point of view regarding a variety of trending topics. I normally talk about love & life, adulting, daily hacks, and productivity. I assure you that I'm putting my whole heart and mind in every article I publish. So there's nothing you need to worry about the credibility, reliability, and originality of my stories. I'm constantly exercising not only my right to freedom of expression, but also a good sense of responsibility and accountability in both my actual and written actions.