The Jaime Times The AuthorI am Jaime Babiera, a constant dreamer and believer. I'm the only son of my humble parents. I've been spending most of my life alone at home, and that's the main reason I consider why I turned myself to writing. Aside from my steadfast friends and my faithful partner, writing also gives me the chance to express myself, get through the painful chapters of my life, and walk through my dreams. I started from a simplistic diary where I wrote my childish frustrations until I learned to transform my words into various writing forms worthy of school-wide publication. I was able to further develop my passion and skills in this field by joining campus journalism in high school and college, and also by taking up communication undergraduate program. Writing became my business now and in the past 20 years.

I courageously tested myself to know if I really fit into the world of content production. I competed in various writing contests in school such as poem writing, feature writing, essay writing, etc. There were times I won, but I lost most of them. I won't deny that these downfalls hurt me, and made me doubt myself. But it didn't stop me from doing what I love. I went on and on, until now that I am finally a professional content writer in a local digital advertising company. I then realized that it's part of life— going through failures. It's God's unique way to remind us that no matter how far we've gone, there's still a lot we must learn.   

I want to tell stories. I want to inspire people. I want to use my God-given talent in making people believe that there's always hope in everything. Let me share with you how.  

I am a Batangas State University alumnus, a former Balangaw and The Apex feature writer, a former Rappler research intern, and a former Radyo Totoo 95.9 Reporter intern. These experiences made me believe that creating written content is part of my life. 

Want to talk to me? Reach me out to the following media: 

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Twitter: @jaimebabiera

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